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Welcome To Marine Chemicals.
Established in 1982 with a view to manufacture AGAR AGAR food grade (China Grass). As a result of constant focus on R&D, Bacteriological and Pharmaceutical grade AGAR AGAR was introduced in the year 1989. Today we are the largest producer and market leader of AGAR AGAR in India.
Fruit layered agar agar Fruit layered agar ag
For any Bacterium to be made for any specific purpose, it is necessary to provide an appropriate biochemical ...
We are in the field of Agar manufacture for over two decades and have been successful in offering products of international..
Chitin is the second most abundant natural biopolymer in the world, behind only cellulose. It is also the most ...
Agarose is the purest form of Agar-Agar –a polysaccharide obtained from Agar-Agar that is used for a variety of life science applications especially in electrophoresis. Agarose forms an inert matri
Agar Agar Bacteriological Grade  
The major application of Agar Agar is in the field of plant tissue culture. The growing interest in tissue culture as a standard method for the propagation of orchids and other ornamental plants, vege
Agar Agar Pharmaceutical Grade  
Agar-Agar is useful as a laxative. When hydrated, it provides a smooth, non-irritant bulk in the digestive tract. It is also used in preparation of emulsions, suspensions, capsules and suppositories i
Agar Agar - Food Grade (As a 100% Vegetarian Gelling Agent)  
Agar Agar is used as a 100% vegetarian substitute for Gelatin (manufactured from animal bones/skins) in the food industry. This usage is fast gaining ground due to the worldwide shift to products
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