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Plant Gel is the brand name for the Gellan Gum of Marine Hydrocolloids. Plant gel is a High Molecular weight (formula weight approximately 500,000) Polysaccharide gum produced by fermentation of a carbohydrate by pseudomonas Elodea, purified, dried and powdered.

Plant gel will disperse in cold water. Dispersion is aided by use of warm/hot water. Plant gel can be used as a replacement for Agar Agar for many applications. Plant gel melts at 80°C to 100°C and gels at 10 to 50°C. Plant Gel is clear and no synerisis or weeping. Pant gel is pH tolerant from 3 to 10. Plant gel gelation is promoted by calcium chloride (fused). Plant Gel can be used for making clear gel, with rigidity, thermal stability, compatible with natural additives. Hence ideal for preparation of nutrient media for most microbial application and plant tissue culture work.With prominent gelling properly plant gel is widely used in food such as jelly, beverages, dairy products, jams, candy icing etc.

Plant Gel – Gel has the following advantages over Agar Agar.

  • Quantity requirement is only half compared to Agar.
  • Clarity for Gel is more.
  • Set more rapidly.
  • More stable at elevated temperature.
  • Less contaminants.
  • Resistant to enzymatic degradation.



  • Food & Beverages
  • Medicine
  • Cosmetics
  • Plant-tissue culture
  • Tooth paste
  • Air Freshener
  • Fertiliser gel

  • Used as suspending and stabilising agent in beverages.
  • Thickening agent, stabilises in dairy products.
  • Fruit juice, Fruit pulp
  • Suspension and stabilizers
  • Gelling agent and stabilizer in jellies, jams and soft candy.
  • Stabiliser formed- products with gelling agent.
  • In baked products as coating agent.
  • In cosmetics as a thickening agent

Plant gel can enhance the hardness, elasticity and viscosity of flour products such as noodles, improve the taste, inhibit hot water swelling decrease the fragmentation of noodles and reduce turbidity of soup.

As the stabilising agent plantgel is used in icecream to improve shape maintenance. In cakes and cheese cakes it has moisture retention. Freshness preservation and shape preserving effects. In candy, plant gel is used to provide the product with good structure and texture and to shorten the formation time of starch soft candy gel. It can also be used in production of jam and jelly in place of pectin, as well as in stuffing of pastry and fruit pie.

Colour off white
Odour No odour
Appearance Free flowing powder
Purity 85 - 100%
Loss on Drying ≤ 15 - 0%
Lead ≤ 2 mg/kg
Particle size 60 mesh ≥ 92%
Transparency ≥ 78%
Gel Strength ≥ 900g/cm2
Bacterium count cfu/g ≤ 1000
Mould and yeast cfu/ g ≤ 100
pH 4.0 – 7.0
Ash ≤ 15.0
Arsenic < 4 ppm


Today Marine Hydrocolloids is the only exporter and market leader in the supply of quality Agar Agar in India. We are the exclusive supplier of Agar to many MNC'S and also to 90% of the commercial tissue culture laboratories in India and several leading laboratories across the world.

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